Helpful Links and Forms


General Links

Texas PTA

National PTA

National PTA’s E-Learning Library

PTA vs. Unaffiliated Parent Groups

PTA Autonomy Letter

The Role of PTA


Spanish Resources

National PTA Forms in Spanish


Board Links

Beginning of the Year Board Checklist

End of the Year Board Checklist

Bylaws – Requesting Copies and Updating

Fraud Prevention Checklist

Financial Management Checklist

Financial Reconciliation

Is Your PTA an ATM for Your School?

Nominations and Elections

Procedure Book

Leadership Tip – Procedure Book

Social Media Policy


Sample Plans of Work  

Please keep in mind, these are just examples to help you create your own Plan of Work.  

Blank POW


Corporate Donations

Field Day Coordinator



Legislative Action

Library Coordinator



Arts in Education





Sock Hop Chair

Spirit Wear Chair

Volunteers In Public Schools Chair

Staff Development Chair

Student Success Chair


Links for Presidents

Texas PTA President’s Guide

Sample Membership Meeting Agenda

Sample Membership Meeting Agenda

Principals and Presidents Checklist

Financial Quick Tips for Presidents

Installations from Missouri PTA

More Installation Ideas




Links for Treasurers

Texas PTA Treasurer’s Guide

Money Matters in an Electronic Environment

Starting Your New Year with the Texas PTA Software

How to Lose Your Tax Exempt Status

Definition of Inurement

Non-Profit Risk Management – How to Lose Your 501(c)3

Returned Check Sample Letter

Reimbursement Voucher

Records Retention Policy

Sample Plan of Work

Financial Reconciliation

Non-Signer Review of Bank Account Form

Itemized Receipt Form

Sales Tax Bulletin – July 2009


Links for Secretaries

Texas PTA Secretary’s Guide

Sample Minutes

Style Guide from California PTA


Links for Membership Chairs

Texas PTA Membership Chair’s Guide


Links for Advocacy Chairs

Texas PTA Advocacy Chair’s Guide

Who Represents Me?


Links for Program Chairs

Texas PTA Program Chair’s Guide

Family Reading Experience

Houston Arts Partners Program Search


Links for Parliamentarians

Texas PTA Parliamentarian’s Guide



Links for Healthy Lifestyle Chairs

Texas PTA Healthy Lifestyles Chair’s Guide

Promoting Healthy Practices

Grants for Playgrounds/Sports Equipment


Links for Arts in Education Chairs

Texas PTA Arts in Education Chair’s Guide

Reflections Information

Houston Arts Partners Program Search


Links for Council Delegates

Council PTA Delegate Report Form


Links for Fundraising Chairs

Fundraising Tips from National PTA

Fundraising Activities Report