Katy Council Membership –

Want to become a member of a PTA within the Katy Council of PTAs – All in one Membership Form – Join one, all, or any number in between.

Katy ISD Council of PTAs Shining Star Membership Form 2018-19

Are you a Local PTA needing to join Katy Council?

Council Dues Invoice 2018-2019

Texas PTA Membership Awards –

47 of our 60 PTAs have received an award this year! Our goal is for every PTA in Katy to receive a membership award! 


16 Katy schools earned the Welcome Back Award by submitting 10 new members to Texas PTA during the month of January!

Campus and PTA Membership Chair
Alexander Elementary—Kara Floyd
Cimarron Elementary—Darcee Morton—Huttenhoff
Creech Elementary—Ting Sim
Davidson Elementary—Crystal Matovich
Exley Elementary—Yadira “Yaya” Chalmers
Holland Elementary—Cheryl Anderson
Jenks Elementary—Renee Brackin
Nottingham Country Elementary—Kasey Davis
Pattison Elementary—Susie Boyce
Shafer Elementary—Lindsay Trefiak
Sundown Elementary—Sybil Ruiz
WoodCreek Elementary—Naomi Pipes
Junior Highs
Beck Junior High—Anna Marsh
Tays Junior High—Kate Johnson—Patagoc
High Schools
Paetow High School—Jai Ponce
Seven Lakes High School—Aglaen Kirk
MARS Involvement
Alexander Elementary—Kara Floyd
Beck Junior High—Anna Marsh
Hayes Elementary—Kerri Schultz
Randolph Elementary (Thanks to Kristie Fisher for attending the recent Membership Chair Chat and Training at Panera!  She filed the MARS Involvement submission for Randolph during our session, and it should be posting soon on the Texas PTA award chart!)
Seven Lakes High School—Aglaen Kirk
Stockdick Junior High—Erica Thompson
Wilson Elementary—Gill O’Brien
Student Involvement
Stockdick Junior High—Erica Thompson
Generations Involvement
Hayes Elementary—Kerri Schultz
West Memorial Elementary—Miranda Simpkins
Preschool Involvement
WoodCreek Elementary—Naomi Pipes


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