Happy Fall Y’All

It’s officially fall, and for those secondary PTAs, one term is already finished!

Katy Council held its first General Membership meeting, you can find details on our Meeting Programs page. Included are the two presentations Why PTA and  Advocacy Presentation Updated for KISD (09.28.15).  Many thanks to Wolman Elementary PTA for hosting.

Griffin Elementary has offered to host the November 2nd General Membership meeting, but we will be meeting at the ESC in room 1200 again. Sandwiches will be served at 6:15.  Seating will be assigned for this meeting, so an accurate headcount is very much appreciated. RSVP via Sign-Up Genius here.

Pictures have been added from Texas PTA President Leslie Bogg’s visit to four of our campuses.

Another “Come Hang Out with Council” event has been scheduled for October 20th from 10-noon at the Ballard House. Read more about it on the Calendar page.

The next Presidents Meeting is Tuesday, October 13th, 7pm at Memorial Parkway JH RSVP via Sigin-Up Genius here.

Council Dues are due on 10/15 – we still need them from a few of you!


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